What should I use my starting platinum for?

As default, you start out with a small pool of platinum, and you are probably wondering what you should use them for.

It is tempting to buy a mod pack, but this will only give you what you can find in a few missions. Boosters are also a very short term joy.

Sentinels are craftable later on, and even though the 100,000 credits blueprints may seem expensive, you will have no trouble saving up that amount once you are starting to level up weapons at which point you won’t be needing many credits anyway. Once you get to Neptune and unlock the Hyena boss on the Psymathe mission, you can grind for a control module needed to craft a sentinel.

If you do not want to spend any money buying platinum, I highly recommend you to save your start platinum until you find weapons and you really enjoy playing with, so you can afford to buy an Orokin Catalyst (doubles the mod allowance points of the weapon they are installed into) or an Orokin Reactor for you starting warframe. These cannot be uninstalled, so only install them into weapons you know you will use for a while. The only other way to get Orokin Catalysts is to get the blueprint as a daily login reward or as a reward from alerts with the question mark reward (maybe also as reward from defense missions, unconfirmed). If you get a few blueprints, you save the platinum for something else.

Another fine choice would be a second warframe (Loki, Excailubur and Volt only cost 75 platinum each). If you are lucky and get a few blueprints for the Orikin Catalysts, you could very well be better off buying a second warframe with the starting platinum.

The last choice would be additional slots for warframes or weapons. This is what most people recommend out there, although if you plan well, you can get to mastery rank 4 and have a decent set of weapons to choose from without using additional slots. Buying additional warframe or weapon slots would be best suited for someone who wish to play the game a lot, but doesn’t want to buy platinum.

I therefore strongly recommend:

  • Saving the start platinum for Orokin Catalysts or an Orokin Reactor once you get a good weapon or warframe that you really enjoy playing with.
  • A Loki, Excailubur or Volt warframe if you get blueprints for Orokin Catalysts from daily login rewards or alert question mark rewards.
  • Warframe or weapon slots if you plan on playing for a long time without having to buy additional platinum.





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