Dual Zoren

melee03 Does triple damage against infested.

Very weak damage, but extremly fast. Half the damage of dual ether and heat swords, but double the attack speed. Same pretty much goes for the charge attack – very weak damage, but extremly fast charge time.

Is rumoured to hold very high crit chance and crit damage on normalt attacks.

Triple damage against non-ancient infested.

Price: 150 platinum, cannot be bought for credits, but can be crafted.
Damage: 15
Firing Rate: 2
Charge Damage: 55
Charge Speed: 0.8


Crafting costs:

35,000 credits (15,000 for the blueprint and 20,000 for the crafting costs)
900 Salvage
850 Ferrite
80 Alloy plate
2 Morphic
12 hours


The Dual Zoren can be upgraded to Dagger Axes, which does not change the weapon, only the looks. Blueprint can be found as a reward from alerts with question mark rewards. Crafting costs are:

20,000 credits
750 Rubedo
650 Ferrite
500 Polymer Bundle
1 Morphic
12 hours crafting time





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