Weapons in Warframe are divided into three main categories with various sub categories in each. Main categories are Rifles (your main weapon), Pistol (your sidearm) and Melee Weapons. You must have at least one of each weapon at all times. When you start off, you are given the MK1-Braton (a standard fully automatic rifle), Lato (a gun, which is pretty good at medium-long range) and a Skana (a rather long melee sword).

Rifles are mostly fully automatic, but you can also get semi-automatic (Latron), a burst rifle (Burston), a sniper (Snipertron), and a few shotguns (Strun, Boar and Hek).

Pistols come as single wielded and dual wield. Dual wielding pistols will generally make you run out of ammo faster and have longer reload speed, but are great for unloading massive amounts of damage quickly. A few pistols have quite special traits.

Melee Weapons can be divided into several categories. We have chosen to divide them into three depending on how you would use them: anti-infestation (slashing weapons), anti-armor (piercing and blunt weapons) (mainly anti-Grineer) and allrounders. Most weapons either do 2-3 times normal damage on infested enemies, or they have armor piercing/penetration. The allrounder weapons, are weapons that has no bonus against infested or armors. You will find onehanded weapons, dual wielded setups and heavy weapons in these categories.







LatoAklatoFurisAfurisViperTwin VipersBoltoAkboltoKrakenSicarusBroncoLex



SkanaDual SkanaHeat DaggerDual Heat SwordsFuraxAnkyrosScindoBoDual ZorenMireEther DaggersDual EtherGramFangFragorAmphisCronusDark Swordmelee19melee22melee23melee24melee25melee21melee20





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