Warframe Modules (mods)

Warframes hold ten mods. Besides exalibur prime, which has an extra polarity, warframes have 6 polarity slots. Four with the special warframe ability polarity (mod_warframe) and 2 extra, which can be of any warframe-related polarity (defense mod_defense, offense mod_offense or utility mod_utility ).

For warframe ability mods, check out the Warframes section.

Module Polarity Dropped by Effect (per rank)
Continuity Mod Offense Polarity Grineer (rare) 5% extra power duration.
Enemy Sense Mod Utility Polarity Corpus (rare) Shows enemies on radar, up-ranking increases range.
Fast Deflection Mod Defense Polarity All (uncommon) 15% increase shield recharge rate.
Flow Mod Utility Polarity Corpus (rare) 25% increase to maximum power.
Focus Mod Offense Polarity Grineer (rare) 5% increase strength (dmg) to your abilities.
Maration Mod Defense Polarity All (common) 25% increase to maximum stamina.
Quick Rest Mod Defense Polarity All (common) 30% faster stamina recharge rate.
Reach Mod Utility Polarity Corpus (uncommon) 7.5% increase to power range.
Redirection Mod Defense Polarity  All (common) 40% extra shield.
Rush Mod Utility Polarity Corpus (uncommon) 5% increased sprint speed.
Steel Fiber Mod Defense Polarity All (common) 10% increase to armor.
Streamline Mod Utility Polarity Corpus (rare) 5% decreased power cost of abilities.
Thief’s Wit Mod Utility Polarity Corpus (common) Shows loot on radar, upgrading increases range.
Vitality Mod Defense Polarity  All (common)  40% extra health.





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