To craft in Warframe, you have to enter the Foundry (menu at top right of the screen).

In the foundry, you will see a list of your blueprints and the materiels they need as well as the materials you currently own.

Materials cannot be sold for credits or traded with other players, so don’t grind for them unless you need them. You can, however, sell the blueprints you pick up for credits, and they sell for quite a good amount compared to selling mods. This makes it somewhat profitable to grind bosses – especially if the boss has a chance to drop a rare material you know you will need later on.

All crafting cost a bit of credit and usually takes between 12 and 24 hours to complete. You can rush it for instant completion with platinum.

Warframes cannot be bought for credits, so you either need to buy platinum or craft new ones. If you want to craft a warframe, you need to craft the three main components to that warframe (helmet, chassis and systems), the purchase a blueprint from the market for the warframe itself and you can craft it. The blueprints for the three components to the warframe drops from bosses in the various system – all components to a specific warframe drops form a specific boss. It’s a good idea to read up on warframes and the bosses before deciding what boss you wish to grind.

If you plan on crafting weapons and a sentinel, you should read up on the materials needed and complete missions to unlock the bosses, which drops the materials you will need.

You can see the craftable weapons in the Weapons section. All weapons, which cannot be bought with credits, can be crafted. You can find the materials needed for crafting warframes in the Warframes section. If you wish to craft a sentinel, check out the Sentinels section.

Besides weapons, warframes and sentinels, you can craft Orikin Reactors and Orikin Catalysts to double the mods allowance for your warframe or your weapons.






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